Monday, May 31, 2010

How to Search Various Files over Internet

Searching for different files on internet is a tedious task. People look out for different files on internet and the famous of them are mp3, avi, wma, pdf, ppt, doc, excel and flash files.

Various files are stored in File Sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire.
Different websites are present in India to search for various files. - FileDigg provides button click options to search for mp3, wma, wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, pdf, ppt, doc, excel and flash files all at one place. - Search for songs, movies, softwares and more on File Sharing Sites using FileDigg. - Search for mp3 and wma audio files - Search for Video files wmv, mpeg, mpg, avi - is an exclusive PDF Search Engine. This is lightweight, fast and provides a simple view of the results. - is an exclusive PPT Search Engine. This is lightweight, fast and provides a simple view of the results. - is an exclusive PDF Search Engine. This is lightweight, fast and provides a simple view of the results. - Search for microsoft excel files over the internet.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vote For Search Engine

Which is the Best Search Engine. Search and Decide on

Yes Guys VoteForSearchEngine provides you an option to Search across 3 Search Engines and decide which Search Engine is giving the best Web Results for your Search Query.

When a Search is performed on VoteForSearchEngine(VFSE), #VFSE goes to Google, Yahoo, Bing and displays results in different Columns. Review these results and VOTE for the Best Column. This is entirely different from normal voting. Vote For Search Engine is Lively Voting System.

Search for any term in any field. Results are displayed from 3 search engines. Vote For the Best Search Engine. Your votes are counted and displayed in Real Time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Search Made Simpler - FileDigg - PDF SEARCH, PPT SEARCH, DOC SEARCH - India's First Customized Search Engine. Search for docs, pdf, ppt, xls, flash files. Time frame search is provided to know latest (24 Hrs, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year) results of the search query. Time Frame search can be used to know news, current affairs and latest updates for any search query.

As I was browsing through the net I have come across a search engine which is released few months back and is targeted amongst the students/colleges/ research scholar etc from my understanding and I found it very useful and it saves a lot of time. It happened for me and I just want to share it with you all.

The search engine is called as filedigg and can be viewed on

I would like to list down what all one can do in this search engine.

This has a search text box with a combo list box to choose which is actually a Real Time Search field and has values to choose from like Recently, Past 24 Hours, Past Week, Past Month, Past Year, Anytime so that your search results are very few and accurate to choose from.

The specialty of this search engine which the owners claim as search made simpler is that you have the option of choosing to list all the files of a particular format.

The formats they offer are doc, pdf, xls, ppt and flash.

The reason for me to tell that search made simpler because if I am wanting to give a ppt presentation and when I do a search using this radio button all the files related to my search criteria is listed and that to of ppt format so that it will be easy for me to just copy past those ppt slides rather than going through the site pages and trying to extract the information and then putting into a presentation, but by this now I save a lot of time and the search result is accurate as that of Google.

This is because this search engine uses google search and it is customized in this format.

This is really helpful for students/teachers/marketing people or people who require ready made data in a particular format and also for research scholars and not only to them but to all who do search.

Further to add to the above description there is something called qualitative learning.

Lets say you are going to learn a new topic. Best way to do is filedigg/search a PPT on the topic.

Go through the ppt with simple bulleted point descriptions....

And if you are looking for a more qualitative information. Go for filedigg education search where you can digg documents/search for information from educational universities all over the world.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tirupati is high on terror threat - Telugu News Updates

The Union home minister, Mr P. Chidamb-aram, has warned that terrorists might hit the temple town of Tirupati to create communal violence. During a review of the state’s security situation with the Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, the home minister, Mr K. Jana Reddy, and top police officers, Mr Chidambaram said the Intelligence Bureau had got authentic information on the plans of some terror outfits to attack Tirupati.
He asked the government to upgrade the security of the temple-town in the wake of the alerts. “I suggest that you close some of the many approach roads to Tirumala and keep only one or two roads open for the common people,” he said. “The security for the temple-town has not been stepped up. The information with the Centre shows that Tirupati is on the target list of several militant organisations.”
The meeting discussed the installation of CCTV cameras at bus and railway stations and setting up of separate surveillance and anti-terror wings to tackle the possible threat. He reviewed the progress of investigation into the Gokul Chat and Lumbini Park bomb blasts and exp-ressed satisfaction when he was informed that the charge-sheet would be framed in a week. He approved the state’s proposal to create State Security Guards with 256 commandos and agreed to expedite the creation of an NSG hub in the city.

Pawan Kalyan asks to stop political ragging - Telugu News Updates

Irritated with ‘unbridled criticism’ by other political parties on a daily basis, Pawan Kalyan, president of ‘Yuva Rajyam’ has called for a halt to what he termed, ‘political ragging’ of PRP by opponents. He was interacting with the media after officially welcoming a stock-broker and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Govind Rathi and his father B.N. Rathi and their supporters from Gosha Mahal here into the PRP on Saturday.
“Judging from the way we have been criticised, one would think there was no space for new political parties. Anyway, the elections are just around the corner and time will prove how much the people trust us”, he said. Facing a barrage of questions on the party’s stand on Telangana, Mr. Kalyan reiterated, “The Praja Rajyam president has clearly stated that he was for a separate State. It is a commitment from his heart. What else do you people want?”. To a question as to the definition of ‘Social Telangana’ (a term coined by the PRP), he quipped,
“It means a Telangana for the backward classes”, before hastening to add that it stood for BC leadership in a separate State. At a separate press conference later, when T. Devender Goud, who recently merged his Nava Telangana Party with the Praja Rajyam, was asked the same question in reference to the Yuva Rajyam president’s definition, the seasoned leader responded that what Mr. Pawan Kalyan said was one way of putting it. As for what the term stood for, he said it referred to a separate new State where social justice would be implemented in letter and spirit.
When actor Nagarjuna met the CM Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy few days back, sources in the Congress party have been speculating that it must have been with regard to a Lok Sabha ticket because he has been given permission to develop his Annapurna studios land soon after he agreed to campaign for the party.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Praja Rajyam may move Supreme Court - Telugu News Updates

Rattled by the Election Commission’s rejection of its application for a common election symbol, the Praja Rajyam (PR) has desperately begun looking for different options, including a tie-up with another party that does not have a presence in Andhra Pradesh and using its symbol. Before exploring such options, the PR is preparing to move the Supreme Court challenging the Election Commission’s six-page order declaring that it was not entitled to a uniform symbol.
PR president Chiranjeevi, however, put up a brave face about the setback. Fielding questions at an impromptu meeting with presspersons after his return from Mahabubnagar on Tuesday, he said, “We are still fighting and will continue to do so till the last minute. In the event of failure, we have alternative plans.” Repeated queries about the fall-back options failed to elicit a response beyond that the party was likely to move the Supreme Court.
Later, when asked specifically, Mr. Chiranjeevi said that one of the options they were looking at was to tie-up with a party that did not have a presence in Andhra Pradesh and use its symbol. The party’s legal brains, he said, were studying the Xth Schedule of the Constitution that clearly stipulated how a break-up could happen between two parties that contested the elections on a common symbol. PR general secretary Parakala Prabhakar said, “We are confident that the Supreme Court will ask the EC to use its discretionary powers to give us a common symbol.”

Indian Americans to bid for Gandhi memorabilia - Telugu News Updates

Leading Indian American hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal has said that he along with some of his friends of Indian-origin, will bid for the personal items of Mahatma Gandhi that go on auction here on Thursday. Personal belongings of Gandhi -- his metal-rimmed glasses, pocket watch, a pair of sandals and a plate and bowl -- will come under the hammer at the auction house Antiquorum Auctioneers in New York.
Chatwal said he and other well wishers were ready to cough up upto a quarter of million dollars to acquire the items and then transfer them back to India. "I would like to go even to a quarter of a million dollars, USD 300-400 thousand. This is not big money, especially when you want to buy it with among 8-10 friends and give it back to your country --India," he said. "Any Indian should buy it and the purpose is to buy and send it back home. The auction is online, on telephone and we of course will be physically present," he told a new channel.
Meanwhile Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Tushar Gandhi said in Mumbai that India should ensure that the items are brought back to where they belong, even as the Indian government asked its diplomats in the US to do everything that is required to bring the articles back. "Stopping the auction is one thing but ensuring that what belongs toIndia comes back to India is a totally different ball game," he said.
The US-based owner of Mahatma Gandhi's memorabilia has said that he will meet with Indian government officials on Wednesday to try to settle the issue. James Otis said that he hopes the Indian government is "willing to offer something very generous to India's poorest in exchange for the donation of the items to the government."